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【英語暗唱2より】(約3分半)課題文2 PDF

Hello, everyone! Welcome aboard the Choshi Dentetsu line bound for Tokawa.
It’s a 19 minute ride to the fishing village of Tokawa and we’ll pass many
interesting sights along the way.

First, look around the carriage. Don’t the hand-painted adverts look nostalgic?
Our first stop is Nakanocho station.
Can you smell the soy sauce from the factory nearby? Choshi is famous for
producing high qualitysoy sauce. You can get out here if you’d like to take a
tour around the factory and you can even get a free bottle of soy sauce at
the end!
We are now passing Kannon station. The sweet bean paste snacks sold here
are very famous. If you are hungry on the way back, you can stop here and
buy one!
Proceeding down the line, houses give way to fields filled with cabbages in
spring and after Ashikajima station we can detect a hint of salt in the air.
We are getting close to the sea!
The next stop is Inubo Station. Here you can try Choshi’s famous rice crackers.
They are cooked right next to the ticket barrier.
A few minutes walk will take you to the lighthouse, which was built in 1874. It is
registered as one of the "One Hundred Most Important Lighthouses in the World".
The contrast between the white lighthouse and the blue ocean is truly unforgettable.
Climb the 99 steps to the top for breath-taking views!
We have now arrived at the final stop, Tokawa station. Walk down the steep cobbled
slopes lined with traditional fishermen's houses to the picturesque port, where large
catches of fish are landed regularly. During your stay in Choshi, please take every
chance to try the local seafood.

If you are interested in seeing some dynamic scenery, the Byobugaura cliffs, which
form part of Choshi Geopark are a 20 minute walk. The cliffs form a dramatic backdrop
to Choshi Marina and a sandy beach popular with swimmers. You can even take a tour
to see dolphins from here.
The sunsets here are amazing and will give you a beautiful memory of your trip.

Thank you for travelling with us, and please enjoy exploring Choshi.
We look forward to seeing you again!

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